TSM Project Management Framework


Project Charter

Project Identification

Formal Recognition of Authority

Statement of Work

Purpose Statement

Scope Statement


Cost and Schedule Estimates

Measures of Success

Chain of Command

Responsibility Matrix

Major Activities and Stakeholder Groups

Stakeholder Involvement Level, Authority Role, and Responsibility



Project Scope

Develop Project Management Plan

Plan Scope Management

Collect Requirements

Define Scope

Project Schedule

Build the work breakdown structure (WBS)

Identify Task Relationships

Estimate work packages (labor and equipment needed and the duration per task)

Calculate the Initial Schedule

Assign and level resources

Project Cost/Procurement

Plan Cost Management

Estimate Costs

Determine Budget

Project Quality Management

Develop Policy

Develop Objectives

Communication Plan

Establish Team and Team Identity

Establish Ground Rules

Acquire Management Support



Progress Measurement


Schedule Performance

Cost Performance

Quality Assurance

Communication Management

Meeting Management

Stakeholder Management

Corrective Action



Project Closure

Close Project or Phase

Close Procurements