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With the Applied Learning Platform

you can say, "My learners can think, and I can prove it!"
The Applied Learning Platform at this website is used by educators to
create and administer interactive applied learning activities
that learners work through as they develop and practice their
critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
A key feature of the Platform is that it supports
Framework-Based Thinking, Teaching, and Learning, in which
author-defined frameworks provide learners with
systematic approaches to solving real-world problems.
With practice, these framework-based approaches
are internalize by learners
and become part of their normal cognitive processes.
Applied learning activities can range from
comprehensive real-world case scenarios to
simple drill-and-practice exercises.
Learner and educator understanding is represented as an
outlined Evidence-based Assessment for any domain at any level of detail.

Activities can even be created for self-study that provide step-by-step
real-time feedback
without the need for further input by an educator as
learners reassemble an author's evidence-based assessment.

Educators can create and share learning activities among their colleagues,
or build a repository of activities for use throughout their discipline.

A completed assessment from the domain of veterinary medicine
Evidence-based assessment

A fill-in the blanks exercise from the assessment above (scaffolding)
Complete the assessment

An example from psychotherapy (not a real client)
Entries in bold are an educator-defined framework that
assists learners in building their assessment
Example from psychotherapy

Classify statements (a completed drag and drop exercise)

No software for you and your learners to install
No need for you to manage a database of user names and passwords
No need for designers and developers to build your learning activities
No need for your institution to buy, install, and maintain another application

The only required technical skills for you and your learners are
the abilities to type, select text, copy, and paste.

Learning path for educators is the first five demonstration videos
(4 hours 12 minutes total) plus time practicing this type of educational art, or
we can create applied learning activities for you.
Overview of the Applied Learning Platform

The Applied Learning Platform uses a word processing document to deliver interactive applied learning activities such as exercises, cases, and scenarios to learners. This means that an activity can reference any word processor compatible data such as images, tables, reports, and links to Internet resources.
Learners use the Applied Learning Platform at this website to work through an activity, and then save their work in a word processing document on their own computer, and/or submit it to an institution's course management system. This ensures privacy, in that no work by educators or learners is stored on this website.

Results of working through an interactive applied learning activity can be printed and brought to class as evidence of pre-class preparation or for peer-evaluation. Activities can also be used during class as team-based learning exercises, or by educators to model critical thinking skills to learners.

The Applied Learning Platform supports framework-assisted thinking through the use of educator-defined guiding and general frameworks. These frameworks provide guidance and explicit systematic approaches to solving similar problems. Frameworks can initially be included in activities when learners need guidance, and gradually removed as learners grow in competence. The goal is that learners will internalize these frameworks as a consistent part of their problem solving processes.

The Applied Learning Platform is the exact opposite of an expert system. An expert system provides expertise to its users; the Applied Learning Platform is used by educators to build expertise in its users.

To learn more about the Applied Learning Platform, please read Best practices for adoption. Demonstration videos are available. The sample assessment from veterinary medicine shown above is more fully explained here. Additional resources are provided under the Learning Center option of the main menu.

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